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Untalented Show Surprise!

Today was backwards day, so all the girls dressed backwards and we even had dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. In case you're wondering what we ate, we had chicken and waffles for breakfast, pizza burgerz for lunch, and french toast for dinner!

Set! Spike! Sand Volleyball!

Today our lovely campers enjoyed a Sand Volleyball Tournament! The Counselors triumped once again over a campers vs. counselors game! The evening wrapped up with a rousing campfire full of songs and S'mores! Off to bed to rest up for another full day of fun! 

Monday Colors!

Our campers enjoyed a lovely Monday full of team building initiatives, camptivities such as Cooking with Tash, and then ended the evening with Rainbow Tag! With the lovely Midwestern sky as the backdrop to Rainbow Tag, campers tried to find each paint color before the person who was "It" washed off all of their paint!! Such a lovely day with an early bedtime to get up for another great day at Kupugani! 

A Great Cabin Sunday

Today was no typical day at camp; today was Cabin Day! There is always something new and exciting to try, new friends to make, and at least one thing that makes every day at camp special and unique.

All Camp Soccer

Today, unfortunately, did not go down in history for the campers.... The campers lost a close match to the counselors in the counselors vs. campers soccer match. This year was very close with the counselors taking an early lead in the first half, but they couldn't hold onto it as the campers evened it up before half time. Luckily, the staff soccer skills were too much for the campers to handle and the game ended 3-2! Better luck next time, campers! 


Fabulous Friday

Today was a glorious day, especially in that the campers enjoyed the least amount of rain in days! Indeed, only trace amounts fell...woo hoo! We can enjoy life at our Midwest summer camp in the dry!

The Power of Summer Camp

Today was a day of climbing to new heights on the rock wall, learning about the differences in cultures and groups, paddling your own canoe, constructing the highest tower of crates, shooting a bow, finding peace and freedom on a challenge hike, and poems about things that make us who we are. Camp today focused on grit, perseverance, leadership, independence, responsibility, decision-making, and other important life skills.

Too Much Fun to Blog About

Hello!  With apologies to any parents who have been scanning, waiting, and hoping with bated (sp?) breath for an in-camp blog, at long last, here's one!

The girls have been getting acquainted with new friends and re-connecting with old ones during these first few days.

How I Cured My Anxiety About Sending My Child to Camp (from a real parent!)

I think there are 3 hurdles parents must overcome when contemplating a first-time camper experience: 

  1. parents understanding how powerful the camp experience is and that it helps the child to grow, become independent, feel confident in their ability to handle things without parental intervention, etc.;

Training has begun!!!!

Our staff training began today and we are quite excited about what the summer holds! We started off the morning with some fun icebreakers and learning of camp songs, including Princess Pat! We can't wait to gather again for more training of our wonderful staff members! 


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