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9 Ways to Preclude Your Child from Becoming a Bully

As we continue with our theme of addressing bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month, here are nine good tips on how to raise children who don't bully others. Just as we do at our intentionally empowering summer camp for girls and summer camp for boys, as parents or adults working with children, we can focus on concrete strategies to help them develop into aware, compassionate beings who can be resistant to the potential lure of being a bully.

How to Deal with Mean People

During this October's National Bullying Awareness month, even as we focus on bullying behavior, we can also examine what we as individuals can do if/when confronted by behavior that is mean. As we do at our girls-only and boys-only summer camps, we can focus on empowering ourselves to make our world a better place.

4 Warning Signs That Your Child is Being Bullied

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, so a good time to focus our blogs on how to minimize or prevent bullying in our communities, just as we do in the summer at our multicultural summer camp. 

Navigating the Pre-Teen Years

Here's a good post from blogger Jodi Durr (Meaningful Mama) with some tips on navigating those sometimes treacherous pre-teen years.

Fun and Funny Camp Videos

Check out this link for a a new camp video

How to Enhance Your Daughter's Future

Our son Mico had a soccer game yesterday (in which he and his team played very well...but that's not the point). His team is coached by a now-sixteen year-old girl, who has been coaching his team for several years now, since she was thirteen. (Her little sister also plays on the team.) She is confident, assertive, caring, great with the kids on the team who play very hard, practice very hard, learn a lot, and have a ton of fun. Clearly, her parents avoided doing any of the child development behaviors below! (We also try to accomplish the same goals during our girls camps!)

Importance of Girls Camps Given Societal Issues

If you're an NFL fan at all, lately there has been a lot of attention surrounding the league's treatment of players with allegations of domestic violence. While the controversy has had potential good points, like the increased attention regarding the dearth of women in decision-making positions in the league, it has highlighted just how far the league, and American society generally, has in regards to issues that significantly impact women.

Why We Need to Be Inclusive and Culturally Competent

Everyday, it's easy to pick an example of a stereotype being perpetuated; we seem to continually forget the lessons of history and repeat discriminatory behavior—and rationalize to ourselves why it's okay. Today it's Muslims and homosexuals, yesterday (in historical terms) it was blacks and Jews, the day before interracial couples and Protestants, you get the drift...

20 Things a Father Should Tell His Son

Here's a fun slash useful post regarding 20 things that a father should tell a son.  Some of my favorites are below...so listen up Mico! 

How to Raise a Hero

As my eight year-old son returns to school for the beginning of the school year, it reminds me of the importance of providing an environment where he is challenged to be the best person he can be.


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