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20 Things a Dad Should Tell a Daughter

At our summer camp for girls in Illinois, we recognize that empowerment and identity formation need multiple sources.

Some Good Questions to Ask Camp Directors

Embarking on a summer camp experience is an important decision for both parents and children. For prospective parents at our multicultural summer camp for girls-only and boys-only in Illinois, we encourage them to get as comfortable as possible with their decision beforehand.

Ten Summer Camp Prep Tips

Summer camp is a great, powerful child development tool...so much so, that we should be sure that our children can make the most of a camp experience.

20 Things to Say to Your Daughter Before She's Grown

At our summer camp for girls in Illinois, we exist for girls as they are, so they imagine the women they can become.

Children in Summer Camp Can Be Their Essential Selves

Below are some excerpts from a Slate article entitled “My Daughter Went Away to Camp and Changed,” by John Dickerson. It provides insight into how kids can be their essential selves at camp--not worrying about how their parents might react. You can also check out the entire article here.

The 9 Essential Habits Of Mentally Strong People

At our overnight summer camps near Chicago, we strive to be intentionally empowering and intentionally challenging, so that our campers maximize their potential.

5 Ways to Raise Kinder Kids

At our summer camp for girls-only and boys-only near Chicago, we try to foster a community where it's cool to be kind (as opposed to sometimes in the larger community outside camp, where sometimes the prevailing culture is that it's cool to be cruel.)

Four Reasons to Get Your Kids Speaking Another Language

   Studies show there are diverse benefits for a child receiving exposure to a second language. Unfortunately, budget cuts to schools have threatened our children’s introduction to learning another language at a young enough age where they can reap the ultimate social, communicative, and cognitive benefits.

Make A Positive Impact in Your Home

At our summer camps for girls and summer camps for boys, we try to be intentional about fostering a culturally competent atmosphere that is welcoming to everybody. Here are some good tips, culled from a calendar from the Anti-Defamation League, detailing how you can make a positive impact in your home.

Psychologist's Strategies for Maximizing Childhood Independence

Children need to develop a sense of independence to successfully navigate an increasingly complex world. As intentional parents and seasoned youth professionals, we realize the need to give them space to grow. 


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Camp Prep and Parenting Strategies

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