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How to Raise a Hero

As my eight year-old son returns to school for the beginning of the school year, it reminds me of the importance of providing an environment where he is challenged to be the best person he can be.

helping children through transitions

Late summer brings with it many transitions for families--kids coming home from camp or other summer activities and getting ready for school; families with young adults getting set to head away from home or to college.  Just like at camp, parents should be careful when considering "rescuing" their children who are undergoing tough times, whether the child is anxious, homesick, or lonely.

6 Things Every Optimist Believes

Good things are going to happen.  Gratitude makes you stronger.  Forgiveness is key to a happier life.focusing on happiness is key

And So It Goes...

Boys camp came and went in the blink of an eye; and after two weeks, campers created some strong bonds. Not only with each other, but also with their counselors. It was a transformative experience for them all and we are looking forward to next summer already! 



Even as our boys session winds down, excitement and enthusiasm is peaking here at Camp Kupugani! The thoughts of going home are somewhere in boys' minds, but the fun and activities we are having are at the forefront! Today was exceptionally fun as we had our Kupugani Olympics! Starting the Olympics was a traditional ceremony where teams come up with a chant to shout with the mightiest of voices! Then campers wasted no time beginning with a game of Sand Volleyball/Newcomb, then Relays which include sack races, a three-legged race and great fun with a slip and slide!

And the Winner Is...

Today was another day full of joy and wonder with our boy campers. The boys challenged themselves today with Camptivities like Rock Climbing, Challenge Hike, Slacklining, Cratestacking, Pool, Canoeing, and our special Engineeritivity- Stomp Rockets! An extra soccer match was added to the agenda following the camper vs. counselor game this previous Saturday...this time with the cabins enjoying good sportsmanship and spirited play representing their cabin groups.  Fun!

The Kupugani World Cup

The annual all camp soccer game was the focal point of today along with it being Seniors Run Camp Day, where our senior campers took the lead at camp with songs, making announcements, and other activities! At the big game, soccer skills were exhibited throughout by counselors and campers alike! Celebratory dances were performed with each goal from both teams. It was a close game, ultimately resulting in a counselor win. The counselors even had to carry a cup of water with them the whole game and try not to spill it.

another empowering day at Camp Kupugani

Camp Kupugani was full of exploration today between camptivities, Teams, and evening programs. Our campers participated in Lake Play, Pool, Fishing, and Mud Volleyball. The boys also dabbled in some Canoeing and Bench Building too in order to channel their inner Bear Grylls here at camp!

Evolution of our Kupugani Leaders

Today’s Camptivities brought great fun with rock climbing, nearly an all camp gaga game, challenge hike, pool, lake lay, and cratestacking! WAY TO GO BOYS!  After a delectable meal of tater to casserole and apple struedel for dessert, the boys enjoyed a fun game of RoShamBo Evolution! At the end of the game, all of the boys were chanting “Stop! In the Name of Love” with inspiring fortitude!


The Kupugani Spirit

Cackles of laughter and spews of Kupugani songs fill the camp as the boys are settling into the camp routine! The joy continued throughout yesterday with camptivities of a River Walk/Float, Archery, and Pool along with the choice of either Tie-Dye, Biking or Chill Time! The campers channeling their inner Robin Hoods all made it within inches of the Bullseye which makes us wonder if we have a few professional archers in our midst! The happiness and energy seen within all of the campers is truly exciting as we see the spirit of Kupugani creeping into each and every boy at camp.


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