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The Kupugani World Cup

The annual all camp soccer game was the focal point of today along with it being Seniors Run Camp Day, where our senior campers took the lead at camp with songs, making announcements, and other activities! At the big game, soccer skills were exhibited throughout by counselors and campers alike! Celebratory dances were performed with each goal from both teams. It was a close game, ultimately resulting in a counselor win. The counselors even had to carry a cup of water with them the whole game and try not to spill it.

another empowering day at Camp Kupugani

Camp Kupugani was full of exploration today between camptivities, Teams, and evening programs. Our campers participated in Lake Play, Pool, Fishing, and Mud Volleyball. The boys also dabbled in some Canoeing and Bench Building too in order to channel their inner Bear Grylls here at camp!

Evolution of our Kupugani Leaders

Today’s Camptivities brought great fun with rock climbing, nearly an all camp gaga game, challenge hike, pool, lake lay, and cratestacking! WAY TO GO BOYS!  After a delectable meal of tater to casserole and apple struedel for dessert, the boys enjoyed a fun game of RoShamBo Evolution! At the end of the game, all of the boys were chanting “Stop! In the Name of Love” with inspiring fortitude!


The Kupugani Spirit

Cackles of laughter and spews of Kupugani songs fill the camp as the boys are settling into the camp routine! The joy continued throughout yesterday with camptivities of a River Walk/Float, Archery, and Pool along with the choice of either Tie-Dye, Biking or Chill Time! The campers channeling their inner Robin Hoods all made it within inches of the Bullseye which makes us wonder if we have a few professional archers in our midst! The happiness and energy seen within all of the campers is truly exciting as we see the spirit of Kupugani creeping into each and every boy at camp.

Camptivities Galore!

Today marked the first day for camptivities! During the first camptivity session, the campers chose from activities such as Rock Climbing, Biking, Nature Walk/Schoolhouse, and Canoeing!  Following delicious treats at La Tienda, the boys chose between Pool, Fishing and Archery to channel their adventurous souls! The evening activities included Diversity Bingo and Diversity Show and Tell.

First Full Day of Boys Camp!

Today was the first day for all of our boy campers! The bright early morning was full of the peaceful sounds of nature and the crunching of twigs from those who awoke early to go on a Nature Hike! Boys experienced the initial Team Activities which helped them learn more about each other as well as each other’s opinions on racial controversies in the thought-provoking activity, Four Corners.  After lunch, campers went through Swim Evals, Nurse Checks and enjoyed a wonderful camp tour with their counselors to explore the beauty of Camp Kupugani!

Olympics Day!

Thursday, we held our camp-wide KUPUGANI OLYMPICS! It was an exciting day as our campers put their athletic skills to the test. The campers were split into red and blue teams. They began their warm up by showing off their muscles, team chants and team colors. They even tried to outdo each other by who can shout their chant the loudest! The Olympics began with a three-legged race (yes there were a few wipe outs toward the finish line :) ... then off to the potato sack race for more laughs and giggles. The slip and slide was a nice cool off during the hot day.

Sing Off Sensation!

As we enjoy our second week of the second session of Girls Kupugani, camp is full of cheerful smiles and laughter with the many friendships formed.  This evening, after another great day of teams and camptivities, campers gathered into the Rec Hall for a game called Sing-Off where campers were able to showcase their knowledge of music with the rest of camp in a fun bantering game! Many songs, dances, and laughs were shared before heading off to their cabins for another eventful day tomorrow. 

Tubular Tuesday!

Good Evening!  Tuesday was filled with trips for our 13, 14, and 15 year-olds to further connect with their respective groups. Our 13 year-olds pitched tents in a distant part of camp for their very own night under the stars and campfire.  Our 14 year-olds headed off to a state park to also camp out and spend the following morning exploring the park's natural caves.  Our 15 year-old group headed twenty minutes away for their special bonding time with each other filled with camping, swimming, campfire, and barbequing.


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