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5 Ways to Emphasize Why Your Child Can (and Should?) Go to Camp for the First Time on Their Own

Parents, especially those of first-time campers, often tell me that their child is looking forward to attending camp, but that they're comfortable doing so only if they go with a friend. At first blush, this seems like a good idea—what better way than to enjoy a fantastic new camp experience than to do so with a good buddy? However, often what that child might really be saying is that they're not sure of what to expect from their camp experience, and, like a security blanket, the friend will offer them comfort and security.

Why Parents Appreciate Summer Camp

As the new year picks up pace, resolution makers ponder how to come through on the self-promises made. As parents resolving to enhance the experiences of their children and themselves in the coming year, finding a great summer camp program offers many great growth opportunities. In a recent blog article, camp directors Stephanie and Mitch Reiter explore what children develop at summer camp and how families and parents appreciate those developments.

Good Family Dinner Table Conversation Starters

As the new year gets underway, it's a good time to start new family habits or reinforce good ones that you're already doing. At our dinner table, it can sometimes help to have some tricks up our sleeve to facilitate easy conversations and bonding with our child. A recent article by Casey Seidenberg has some good additional ideas—some highlighted below—to add to your go-to list!

8 Ways to Help Children Become Better Problem-Solvers

In this podcast, sociologist Christiner Carter discusses how to encourage creativity and help kids become good problem-solvers. To do so, we should foster creativity, which is the number one skill needed for success.

Some other takeaways from the podcast:

5 Reasons Camp Makes the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

It's never too early to think about gifts that can enrich children's lives.  If you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, big sister, big brother, cousin, or family friend, looking to find just the right holiday gift for the children in your life, camp makes a perfect gift-and here are five reasons why! Perfect Present

3 Tips to Help Manage Stress During the Holiday Season

As we approach winter and the holiday season, amidst commitments that can sometimes tax families and parents, a blog by sociologist Christine Carter has some good tips on how to minimize the stresses.

Limiting Smartphone Use Can Enhance Social Intelligence

At our intentionally empowering summer camp near Chicago, we have always recognized the importance of unplugging. Because the whole point of our camp is to enjoy nature, facilitate communication, and empower children by developing those skills, we don't allow cell phones or Ipods, which diminish interpersonal interaction.

Can We Compliment Each Other without Bringing Beauty into It?

I recently read a blog post by Chicago Tribune staffer Heidi Stevens, emphasizing some of what we try to do at our girls summer camp to focus on character development. Please see below for excerpts from her piece “Can we compliment each other without bringing beauty into it?”

-"Your hair looks beautiful and so do you," reads the first Facebook comment beneath a photo [a friend] posted of herself at the Roman Colosseum.


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