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10 Tips to Get your Kids through the Holidays Graciously and Gratefully

Around this time of year, it is important for parents to maintain their sanity while also continuing to be intentional about the life lessons their children learn. I recently came across an article by Amy Joyce, editor of On Parenting column for the Washington Post containing some great tips on thriving during the holiday season.

5 Ways to Become a Lighthouse Parent (instead of a helicopter parent)

Child psychologist (and fellow Expert Online Training guru) Caren Baruch Feldman wrote a recent piece describing the challenges of mindful parenting, specifically about how to sufficiently guide children yet give them enough leeway to foster their independence.

4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Give Back

Especially as the holiday season with its accompanying bombardment of ads and other enticements to folks to buy buy buy, it's a good time to be mindful of encouraging out children to give back.

6 Ways to Be a Better Parent

We value working with our campers' parents at our summer camp near Chicago, Illinois. Just as we continually strive to improve our camp experience via counselor training and continually reviewing our program, we recognize that our parents also seek to be the best for their children.

9 Things to do Before Bed to Maximize Your Well Being

At our summer camp outside of Chicago, Illinois, we recognize the importance of goal setting and positive psychology to maximize one's well being.

A recent article details 9 steps you can take each night to do the same for yourself.  Summaries below, with the whole article by Jacquelyn Smith available at this link.

Three Things You Didn't Know About Teens

Sociologist Christine Carter has an interesting piece culled from her conversation with scientific expert on adolescence Ron Dahl, regarding insights about teens (and pre-teens).

7 Ways to Maximize Your Emotional Intelligence

At our multicultural summer camp outside of Chicago, Illinois, we focus on individual empowerment and development of leadership skills. Psychologist Daniel Goleman (see his web site for more) emphasizes some critical pieces regarding emotional intelligence that helps one maximize leadership capabilities.

Learning How To Let Go (8 Reasons to Let Your Child Experience Life Without You)

Parents, especially American parents, sometimes obsess about safety. While we certainly want to encourage parental warmth and love (especially with newborns and toddlers), as children mature, you must create safe spaces to let them explore on their own. As we recognize at our girls-only and boys-only summer camps here in the Midwest, by giving children opportunities to overcome discomfort in new situations, they grow into competent, independent adults.

Tips on Preventing Cyber-Bullying

At our summer camp in the Midwest, we recognize how important parents value the safety of their children in a physical location. It is no less important in the "virtual" world.

The Stuck At Home Generation (How to Raise Your Kids to Be Independent)

The percentage of 20-somethings living at home doubled over the last few decades.  Although some critics blame this increase on the struggling economy, statistics prove that the fear of leaving the nest began earlier.  It seems that being independent is no longer a characteristic of a young (North) American.


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