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One Last Goodnight

It's the final day of camp! We've loved every moment of boys session, but sadly it's time to say goodbye for now. The boys enjoyed a final morning with their teams, where they put all their new team skills to use. The growth in teamwork and communication over the session has been remarkable; we are proud of each and every one of the campers for their hard work and determination. The pool was hands down the most popular camptivity this afternoon, as all the campers took one last dip to beat the summer heat.

Olympics Sportsmanship and Teamwork

What's the name of the game?  Sportsmanship and teamwork is the name of the game at the Kupugani Olympics! The sun shone bright upon us for our boys session Kupugani Olympics. We separated the campers into 2 teams - purple and orange, where they then competed in a full afternoon of games, Kupugani style!  There was a slip n' slide relay, mud pit games, gaga, canoe races, and of course the crowd favorite - sink the counselor! The teams were graded on sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and spirit.

Team Work Triumphs at Kupugani

It was a great morning for team work today at Kupugani! Each morning, our campers separate into four teams were they work on different initiatives to promote teamwork, communication, and co-operation.  Our 10-13 year old boys took on The Wall today, and managed to get the whole team over successfully! Other initiatives included the portal, board and block, and trolleys.

Camp Spirit in the Air!

There has been lots of camptivity fun had at Kupugani today! Both mud volleyball and playing in the water proved a great hit. The boys have invented a new game in the waterfall – posing as super heroes as all the water splashes all around them!  For our second camptivity, most of the camp took part in game of 9 square in the air, which is a new addition to camp this year.

The Amazing Race Comes to Boys Kupugani

There is only one word to describe today at Kupugani… AMAZING! This morning our campers participated in our version of the Amazing Race, which took them all over the camp and saw them take on various challenges such as water spill, giant jenga, and the two wire bridge.  Tonight, our thirteen and fourteen year old campers are off on overnight trips.

Cabin Day Celebrates Kupugani Community

It’s been an awesome first week for the Kupugani boys session; today we had Cabin Day to celebrate our Kupugani community and recharge our batteries for the second week of fun.  After last night under the stars, the whole camp enjoyed a sleep in, then spent the morning creating a skit and song to perform for the camp. In the afternoon, each cabin chose their 2 favorite activities to do all together. We had gaga, nuke ‘em, and lake play to name a few! Lastly, what Cabin Day would be complete without dinner from Mimmo’s pizza? Bellies full, our campers are ready for tomorrow’s challenges!

Soccer Saturday

The sun rose high above us in the midwestern sky; the heat was felt by everyone but all were hydrated and stayed strong...and alas, only one side could prevail in the ALL CAMP Soccer Game... Each team rallied back and forth, like a tennis match.... alas, the counselors lost their title to the tenacity and strength of the campers! 

Fun, Fun, Friday!

Today was full of fun between a session of Free to Learn, Camptivities, and an evening of Blob Tag, Sand Volleyball and 9 Square in the Air! The boys definitely keep us going! Tomorrow is the infamous counselor vs. camper All Camp Soccer Game.... WHO WILL WIN?!?!?!?!

Rainbow Tag Fun

What has six colors, hides in bushes, and takes 40 campers to find? Rainbow tag, that’s what! Tonight’s activity involved a whole lot of running and a whole lot of color! Safe to say the game was a hit with the boys. Gaga also proved to be popular, with a rousing game taking place during camptivity one. Many of our campers also chose to take part in lake play – dam jumping and playing in the waterfall make the best summer days we at Kupugani say!

Capture the Flag Fun!

Another bright and sunny dawned at Kupugani, where the campers enjoyed a fun-filled day with camptivities like lake play, river walking, challenge hikes and archery!  In the evening, we had our much anticipated game of capture the flag. Although the staff worked hard to tire the campers out, it was 8 rounds later before we finished!


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