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Camp is Where Well-Rounded People Are Made

Good parents send their children to camp so they can become better people.  Good camps exist to provide a safe, challenging environment to accomplish that same goal.  If you drill down into the benefits camps offer, these include or center around having campers gain a sense of independence, strengthen problem solving skills and create lifelong bonds of friendship.  

You know you're a summer camp lifer when...

At our summer camp in Illinois, we realize how the experience can be addictive--the excitement of the different activities, the smell of the fresh air and nature all around, and especially at our camp, the food also generates much excitement.

So, how do you know if you're a summer camp lifer? Here are some of the signs.

10 Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Camp

1.) Have them sleep over at a friends house for a night or two so they can get used to not being around you.

 2.) Make sure that they have stationery and stamps so they can write home (and help reduce your “childsickness”!)

3.) If they have cell phones or other electronic devices, have them practice not using them for periods of time; at camp, they won't be able to use them.

Saving our Earth Starts Now

April 22 is Earth Day. It seems that with each passing year, it becomes more important not to just participate in events on that day, but to incorporate into our own lives critical practices that will allow our Earth to sustain itself for our children and their children.

10 Things a First-Time Camper Should Know

At our intentional summer camp program near Chicago, Illinois, we recognize that it's natural for a child to be nervous about attending summer camp. To ease a child's mind, here are ten things that every camper should know before enjoying their first sleepaway camp experience. 

1. After the first day or two of camp, you will have made new friends. new camp friends

3 Ways to Foster Independence in your Child

At our summer camp outside of Chicago, we recognize how we contribute to the growth and independence of our campers.  We also recognize that is every (okay, most) parents' dream to have a self-reliant, successful child! However;, it's also becoming more common for parents to dread the day their child leaves the nest.  What parents forget is that self-sufficiency can help a child grow tremendously.

5 ways music can help you live a happier life

Jill Suttie wrote a recent article detailing five ways that music can help you live a happier and healthier life. Click here for the full article, with bulleted takeaways below.

Reducing stress and anxiety.

100 Great Lessons to Teach Your Daughter

At our girls-only summer camp, we try to facilitate an environment where girls can maximize their growth and development.  

5 Ways to Help Kids Develop Good Money Management Habits

At our Illinois summer camp, we focus on intentionally empowering campers during our girls-only and boys-only camp sessions. We help them with the concept of economic literacy both with direct activities that help them learn the concepts, and also with their awareness and management of their limited camp store budgets—their spending money for their time at camp. We recognize, and try to help our campers recognize concepts like waiting to make purchases and choosing wisely whether to spend or save (or donate to worthy causes).

10 Reasons Why Being a Camp Counselor is the Best Job Ever!

  1. No more windowless office cubicles; your office is the great outdoors!

  2. It's not only acceptable at camp to act goofy and be unique, it's a job requirement.

  3. Kids become your biggest fans, and you become theirs.

  4. You get paid to have fun! 

  5. Singing songs at the top of your lungs (and not necessarily in tune) is expected.


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Camp Prep and Parenting Strategies

Questions about prepping your child for camp? Click here. Interested in some parenting tips? Click here.

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