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Learning How To Let Go (8 Reasons to Let Your Child Experience Life Without You)

Parents, especially American parents, sometimes obsess about safety. While we certainly want to encourage parental warmth and love (especially with newborns and toddlers), as children mature, you must create safe spaces to let them explore on their own. As we recognize at our girls-only and boys-only summer camps here in the Midwest, by giving children opportunities to overcome discomfort in new situations, they grow into competent, independent adults.

Tips on Preventing Cyber-Bullying

At our summer camp in the Midwest, we recognize how important parents value the safety of their children in a physical location. It is no less important in the "virtual" world.

The Stuck At Home Generation (How to Raise Your Kids to Be Independent)

The percentage of 20-somethings living at home doubled over the last few decades.  Although some critics blame this increase on the struggling economy, statistics prove that the fear of leaving the nest began earlier.  It seems that being independent is no longer a characteristic of a young (North) American.

Why It’s Good to Let Kids Fail

School today is very different from the experience most parents recall from their own childhood. Education has advanced in leaps and bounds; teachers today spend much time and effort catering to individual needs and abilities.  But what about the lessons that can’t be taught from books? In a recent blog, family physician Dr.

5 Ways to Minimize Back to School Anxiety

At our girls-only and boys-only Midwest summer camps, we recognize the importance of effective transitions in helping quell anxiety for children entering new situations. Indeed, it's already time for some, and almost time for many other children to head back to school. For some parents and children, that can be an anxious time. A recent blog by Dr. Karen Latimer details 5 tips to help quell that back to school anxiety.

After School Talk: Opening Dialogue Between Children and Parents

“So, how was school today?”

How many times do we as parents ask this question? And as parents, you’ll also know that you can probably count on the fingers of one hand the words in the response you’ll get.



Positive Girl Culture and Navigating Friendships for Teenage Girls

During the all-girls sessions of our Midwest summer camp, we bring girls together from different cliques, grades, neighborhoods and life experiences. For many, our camp is the first and sometimes only positive all-female environment they have encountered. Trust and respect is emphasized in order to model new ways to form female friendships. In an all-girl environment, youth are given opportunity to practice leadership in our cabins and teams through leading activities, actively engaging in discussions, building consensus, and setting meaningful goals collectively and individually.

One Last Goodnight

It's the final day of camp! We've loved every moment of boys session, but sadly it's time to say goodbye for now. The boys enjoyed a final morning with their teams, where they put all their new team skills to use. The growth in teamwork and communication over the session has been remarkable; we are proud of each and every one of the campers for their hard work and determination. The pool was hands down the most popular camptivity this afternoon, as all the campers took one last dip to beat the summer heat.

Olympics Sportsmanship and Teamwork

What's the name of the game?  Sportsmanship and teamwork is the name of the game at the Kupugani Olympics! The sun shone bright upon us for our boys session Kupugani Olympics. We separated the campers into 2 teams - purple and orange, where they then competed in a full afternoon of games, Kupugani style!  There was a slip n' slide relay, mud pit games, gaga, canoe races, and of course the crowd favorite - sink the counselor! The teams were graded on sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, and spirit.

Team Work Triumphs at Kupugani

It was a great morning for team work today at Kupugani! Each morning, our campers separate into four teams were they work on different initiatives to promote teamwork, communication, and co-operation.  Our 10-13 year old boys took on The Wall today, and managed to get the whole team over successfully! Other initiatives included the portal, board and block, and trolleys.


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